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On the 11th of March, 2011, a devastating earthquake struck Japan

On the 11th of March, 2011, a devastating earthquake struck Japan. The earthquake, with its epicenter off the coast of the Pacific, recorded a magnitude of 9.0; while the earthquake itself caused extensive structural destruction, mudslides, and liquefaction, secondary damages from the tsunami, fire, and the nuclear power plant incident, followed by radiation leakage and rolling blackouts, has caused Japan to be under a state of confusion. At the coasts of the Tohoku region, tsunamis over 30ft engulfed the city and its people; when the water receded, only a mountain of rubble remained. The fire occurred after the tsunami; some regions lost everything from the fire. The earthquake caused 12,750 confirmed deaths and 14,706 missing. Furthermore, 154,000 people across the nation have been evacuated. No pets are allowed in the evacuation centers.
Most evacuees tie their pets to a tree or put them inside their cars.
North east coastal japan destroyed by Tsunami. 30 plus meter Tsunami pushed cars atop this hospital.
House in port town. Tsunami left house intact but filled it with debris, rendering it unlivable.
Due to the occurrence of such a massive disaster, in order to rescue the animals and their owners that were affected, we, the Headquarters for the Relief of Animals in Emergencies, was launched.Now,on the 25th of June, 2014, JAPAN Headquarters for the Relief of Animals in Emergencies has been newly established, also, in order to prepare for the future disaster and so on.
Headquarters for the Relief of Animals in Emergencies Organizations
1. Provide funding, staffing, and other relief goods to the animals in disasters.
2. Cooperating with the government and prefectural administrations to smoothly execute relief activities.
3. Preparation of precautionary measures to work efficiently in an emergency.
Veterinarians volunteer their services inside this tent. Vaccines and flea and tick medicines are needed as soon as possible at these overcrowded evacuation centers.
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